Importance of Name



It is the grouping of several letters of alphabets or other symbols, which represent the identification of a person or an object. The power of a name and its value has long been immortalized in prose, poetry, and religious ceremony. Everyone is recognised by his name.

So our Health, wealth and fame is all retained in the Name, by studying its energy we can get ourselves relieved from some of the UN cordial circumstances we are going to suffer in our coming time, just by balancing the energy of our name.

This site is specially created to help the people especially children as a Therapeutic tool, so that we can help them from getting affected by some of the dreadful diseases or any other unfavourable circumstances.

The Names hold powers and energies and every knowledge in them. The names also possess Vastu, Astrology lying in them, and it is the short and quickest way to give you diagnosis and you can have results instantly. Every name has 80% physics ( physical state: where one lives the knowledge lies in the name itself, we call it the vastu of the name) 10% chemistry and 10% Biochemsitry. Calendar don't repeat itself and even our body and age do not go reverse, it keep on progressing/Growing day by day. The changes which take place will occur once only, so every change which take place do not reverse.

We Study the names by "AXIOM NUMEROGRAPHY" theory developed by the scientist Dr. Aviraj Pratap, which works on Physics, chemistry and bio chemistry of names in accordance with solar system.

"AXIOM" literally mean An established principle in some artistic practice or science that is universally received, a self-evident and necessary truth, or a proposition whose truth is so evident as first sight that no reasoning or demonstration can make it plainer. Since it is all based on calculations we call it Numerography i.e. "AXIOM NUMEROGRAPHY"

It is science because it is based on some calculation of Numbers and alphabets and it is art because it is based on graph also so we call it Numero-graphy.

So our NUMERO-GRAPHY is also for those who don't have names in ENGLISH, but can't avoid the art of Graph they carry in their language.


Again in NUMERO-GRAPHY we diagnose the name and numbers of whole family as it is science and art both so we have to see it as a doctor and look for contagious and non-contagious disease. One person in a family can cause problem to whole family.

While doing health analysis for us every number and its combination is like Human anatomy every organ is connected with other organ and in our theory we call it 12 organ and one soul theory. We have to balance physical as well as meta-physical elements through numbers and other methods.

If you see each number and analyse it you will find every number represent our body part and defines the disease associated with it graphically .Calendar don’t repeat itself and even our body and age do not reverse. Our system is both science and art that involves the calculation of Whole Family members not only the person who wants to SEE, KNOW, READ what we have WRITTEN for him.

It is art because it is based on graph of our life, as we are born, Grow Young, Grow Old and evolve from different Chakra of body, at different stage we have different chakra working, so it is all calculation.

Just feel why a person born on 24th April 1973 Is :-

The Father of Cricket "Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar"
An American television writer, producer and film screenwritter "Damon Laurence Lindelof"
An American retired professional basketball player and businessman "Eric Snow"
An English professional golfer "Lee John Westwood


"Relationship(s) or relation(s) may refer to the relationship between family, friends, or sexual partners. Love is an emotion often involved in relationships."

We have got more than thousands of relationship case studies but can't share due to privacy of our clients so we can't have any long description over the internet on this topic.

These days people are having good business good health but their relationship between family, friends or partners is getting worst day by day . It is not because they fail to maintain the relationship but it is about the wrong formation of name of that person in relationship. We can avoid friends but how can we avoid family and partners.

We do numerology but not the way it is being done by rest of the Numerologists. We are little not little but whole LITTLE different from traditional numerology.

Don't you think it rather unusual that many famous actors, writers and musicians have modified their names? This is to attract luck and good fortune which can be made easier by using the energies of a friendlier planet.

The names mentioned in Vedic literature are all one word names. For example, Rama, Krishna, Balarama, Ganesh, Siva, Vishnu, Brahma, Lakshmi, Paarvathy, Saraswathi, Kashyapa, Vyaasa, Arjuna, Karna, Droupadi, etc. One word or two word names will extend their full power to the person. If the name is of more than two words, then its power will be dissolved and the person cannot derive any benefit out of it.

For example:

When Sri Lanka was known as Ceylon it was a country of peace and prosperity. Now it is a war torn country. Ceylon in numerology adds up to 24, a number for prosperity. Sri Lanka adds up to 18 a number for quarrels and wars and hypocrisy. From Burma to Myanmar the number was changed from 15 to 18. Japan adds to 16 a number for rising to the top and fall, and 16 represents natural calamities. Second World War was an example of rise and fall of Japan in a very short period of time. India adds up to 12, a number for spiritualism and sacrifices. 12 is the planet for Jupiter, the bestower for children. No wonder India is heavily populated. From Siam to Thailand the number was changed from 9 to 24, a positive move.

Let’s find out whether your name is working for you or not..

And start taking precautions before it is late..

Stay Healthy Stay Blessed