Why Created Pious Namology

This site I have created only to help people who really deserve Honest Advice, and for Children whom I want to bless with GOOD HEALTH AND FUTURE as I get disturbed when I see little angels suffering so much and checking their names can help a lot. That is why created www.piouspregnancy.com , so that they get blessed only at the time of conception.

The main aim of Ayurveda is
“ Swasthasya Swasthya Rakshnam, Aaturasya vikaar prashamanam ch”
“स्वस्थस्य स्वस्थ्य रक्षणं
आतुरस्य विकार प्रशमनं”

First is to take care of Health of a healthy person so that he / she don’t get sick

The second is treating the disease of the ailing person (balance the DOSHA and bless him good health)

Every doctor is treating the patients and even I am doing that.

But I always had a thought into my mind that I could help people from suffering so much, could do something to help people even before they are actually affected with disease so that they don’t have to suffer from any chronic disease or unpleasant experience in life.

So I put all my Studies together to get results and was successful in diagnosing the problems before the actual onset of any disease. I Found great and instant results using AXIOM NUMEROGRAPHY in diagnosing problems even when they are in their initial stage.

I Found great and instant results using AXIOM NUMEROGRAPHY in diagnosing problems.
In Ayuveda when we diagnose a patient we seek for the resons which are responsible for the changes in the body and creating Diseases .Accordig to Ayurveda there is always a reason (NIDAAN : CAUSE) for a disease, As Disease is DIS–EASE, WHICH HAS PUT YOUR BODY OUT OF EASE OR COMFORT )

According to Ayurveda there are Five stages of a disease and it takes a long time till the Dosha (disease) actually manifest their symptoms in any patient, they are


SANCHYA (Dosha start accumulating at the weak place of the body /Problems affecting the weak persons) ,
PRAKOP (Dosha start aggrevating if not treated at the site / Problems start aggrevating) ,
PRASSAR (They start spreading to nearby organs and places as they get accumulated in abundance / They start affecting the other persons surrounding )
VYAKTA AWASTHA (Apperance of symptoms / Problem actually occurs), if not treated
BHEDA AWASTHA (symptoms getting chronic if not treated / or problems start affecting everyone around if not treated or controlled).

We guide the people at first stage only as there is always a reason or trigger for the coming problems, as without reason nothing happens in universe, there is always a triggering point in one’s life. So that they don’t manifest the problems as everyone can treat problems at very first step by taking care. Our motive is to diagnose and guide patient at very first stage so that the person don’t get affected with a disease or any unfavourable incident.

Whenever we cross a milestone in our life, like cross infant stage, then childhood, then puberty, adolescent age, adult, youth, matured and then old Age, Certain Physiological and Pscychological changes take place in body, these changes are responsible for every good or bad incidence which take place in our body. At every different stage we come in contact with mother, maid, friends, mates, colleagues and lot of surrounding people and everybody affect us, our body and our mental thinking also.

There is a proverb called A PERSON IS KNOWN BY THE COMPANY HE KEEPS, So these persons surrounding us has great impact on our body and mind, we start thinking like them.

Our environment and surroundings change our thinking.

A woman when get married comes in contact with a man, physiological and psychological changes occur affecting the body of two of the partners.

These actions in the body, we call chemical reactions, the changes can be good or bad, sometimes the changes which take place here are not cordial affecting two or one of the partner.

This is the Reason :

Why some men /women start having physical problems after marriage ?

Why Divorce cases are filed immediately after some days of marriage ?

Some Serious incidents / Accidents take place in family !!!!!

Sudden Deaths take place immediately after marriage / even during marriage !!

Serious implications arise out of the relations, Some times we can not even think so , these are all the reactions between two people . The reaction occurs sometimes like as it takes place in magnets

Positive +Positive = Positive

Positive + Negative = Negative

Negative + Negative = Positive

Some times we notice a mistake done by a friend take the life of other friends also ,

We come across so many incidences where all the persons in accidents are friends or stars of one person are so strong that he destroys the whole family, the example of Daughter of Chowdhry Relu Ram Punia is the to be understood , who killed everyone in the family under the influence or Reflection of Her Husband Sanjeev Kumar.

Relu Ram Poonia murder case concerns the mass murder case of Indian politician Relu Ram Poonia and seven of his family members. The murders were committed by Ram's daughter Sonia, along with her husband Sanjeev Kumar, on the night of 23 August 2001, over a property dispute.

Relu Ram Poonia (age 50), his second wife Krishna (age 41), his daughter Priyanka (age 16), his son Sunil (age 23), his daughter-in-law Shakuntala (age 20), his grandson Lokesh (age 4), and his two granddaughters Shivani (age 2) and Preeti (age 3 months) were murdered at their farmhouse in Litani on the night of 23 August 2001, while they were asleep. Sonia, Relu Ram and Krishna's daughter, murdered the family by bludgeoning them with a heavy metal rod.

Other example of reflection is The Nepalese Royal Massacre occurred on 1 June 2001, at a house on the grounds of the Narayanhity Royal Palace, the residence of the Nepalese monarchy. Ten members of the family were killed during a party or monthly reunion dinner of the royal family in the house. The dead included King Birendra of Nepal and Queen Aishwarya.

Later, upon his father's death, Prince Dipendra became de jure King of Nepal while in coma, and he died in the hospital three days after the massacre without recovering from this coma.

We come across so many live examples but We cannot give more living examples here as it is matter of every one’s privacy.

One more example to understand SUN gives energy to everyone in universe we use it for drying , use it for ripening fruits and vegetables and Sun Rays are used for photosynthesis generating oxygen and providing health to everyone, and Solar energy is used in heating water .On the other hand if we focus all the rays at one paper with help of prism, the energy generated will burn the paper, here prism is our sensitivity or our immunity or different nature. Some people enjoy sunrays others are sensitive to it and get sun burns and rashes, so it works for the persons around us, we are not compatible with everyone around us.

In families we see sometimes our children are attached to one parent more than the other parent.

In Ancient Vedas there is a term called “ DEEKSHA” So this a term we use when we treat the persons as we bless people with health. Its Deeksha for people and only the persons who deserve or have cleared their PRARABHAD doing good karma are able to be blessed and in turn we get DAKSHINA for helping them as we act as intermediate between you and your actions.

I am giving reference of the words DEEKSHA and DAKSHINA, only to make people understand that we can not be God, we are only intermediates .We have studied the Ancient Scriptures and Vedas written by Gurus and guiding you on the basis of knowledge blessed to us !!!!

We have done so many practicles using all the calculations based on these sciences.

As it is a really challenging Job for us too , we take every care while giving instructions and guidance..

I am taking the help of my friend and guide of Numerography Dr. AVIRAJ PRATAP who started his journey of analysing names when he was only 9 years ,He is blessed with some spiritual powers along with his qualifications .He is a Brand consultant for lot of Renowned names in India and Overseas .He is here for help us solving our Health and relationship issues only , for Bussiness related enquiries you have to go his site that is
www. instantprophecy.com

With each passing day we guide people with how to stay healthy forever...